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Within the Shawnee Hills American Viticultural Area are unique, eclectic wineries producing a wide array of wines and experiences for travelers. While the wineries are excellent producers of wines, we want visitors to the region to appreciate our member wineries commitment to the appellation.  Appellation:  A defined, recognized area or region.


This means that our member wineries create wines that capture and reflect the unique terroir of our region rather than focusing on grapes or juice purchased from other regions.


Member Wineries

Alto Vineyards

8515 State Rt. 127 N.

Alto Pass, IL 62905


Kite Hill Vineyards

83 Kite Hill Rd.

Carbondale, IL 62903


Peachbarn Winery & Cafe

560 Chestnut Street

Alto Pass, IL 62905








StarView Vineyards

5100 Wing Hill Rd.

Cobden, IL 62920


Hickory Ridge Vineyard

1598 Hickory Ridge Road

Pomona, IL 62975

Von Jakob Winery

230 IL-127

Alto Pass, IL 62905





Blue Sky Vineyard

3150 S. Rocky Comfort Rd

Makanda, IL 62958


Feather Hills Vineyard

410 Thorn Lane

Makanda, IL 62958

Wichmann Vineyard

2655 Water Valley Rd.

Cobden, IL 62920


Clad & Cordon

755 Parker City Rd.

Creal Springs, IL 62972

Von Jakob Winery

230 IL-127

Alto Pass, IL 62905

Owl Creek Vineyard

1600 Cobden School Rd.

Cobden, IL 62920



Other Wineries Within the Shawnee Hills AVA

These wineries are located within the boundaries of the Shawnee Hills AVA and use Shawnee Hills fruit in their wines




Honker Hill Winery





Please Note:


If you do not see your winery listed or if you would like to become a member of the Shawnee Hills Wine-Grape Association, please contact Brandy at:



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