Where it all begins.

A fine wine begins in the vineyard.  Shawnee Hills Wine-Grape Association members are committed to doing everything they can to create a healthy vineyard which ultimately increases the quality of the wines produced from their harvest.


The attention our grape growers commit to every row, vine and grape cluster in their vineyard results in the purest expression of terroir.  The next time you find an AVA wine that you enjoy, we ask that you remember the time, effort and attention that was employed in the vineyard to create the best quality fruit possible.

Member Vineyards

Bella Vista Vineyard (Organic) - Raymond & Maggie Flanagan

Chambourcin, Norton, Cabernet Sauvignon, Traminette, Concord, Niagara

For Fruit Inquiries Contact:  Maggie Flanagan -


Cunningham Vineyard - Bill Cunningham

10 acres Chambourcin - Bulk Wine Also Available

For Fruit Inquiries Contact:  Kaleb Wilson -


Water Valley Vineyard - Ted & Sara Wichmann

1/2 acre Vignoles, 1/2 acre Seyval, 1/2 acre Niagara, 1 acre Chambourcin and

1/2 acre Norton


Blackjack Vineyard - Ed & Carol Dirks

Norton, Chambourcin, Cabernet Franc

For Fruit Inquiries Contact:  Ed Dirks -


Red Cedar Vineyard - Greg & Donna Walters

Chardonel, Chambourcin, Norton, Cabernet Sauvignon

For Fruit Inquiries Contact:  Greg Walters -


Harvest Moon Vineyard - Alexis Depre

1.5 acres Vidal Blanc, 2 acres Chambourcin, 1/2 acre Cabernet Franc

For Fruit Inquiries Contact:  Alexis Depre -


LaFoon Vineyard - Frank & Linda LaFoon

Chardonel, Chambourcin

For Fruit Inquiries Contact:  Frank LaFoon -


Wayside Ridge Vineyard - Brad Taylor & Dagmar Geisler

Viognier, Noiret

For Fruit Inquiries Contact:  Brad Taylor -


Kirkikis Vineyard - Sheila Kirkikis & Ramona & Curtis Girtman


Newly Planted in 2015 - Looking Forward to our 2018 Crop!



Ted Wichmann Grape Grower of the Year Award Winners

2008 - McNitt Vineyard

2009 - LaFoon Vineyard

2010 - Kite Hill Vineyard

2011 - Orlandini Vineyard

2012 - Dry Hill Vineyard

2013 - Lick Creek Vineyard

2014 - Blue Sky Vineyard

2015 - Cunningham Vineyard

2016 - StarView Vineyards

2017 - Alto Vineyards

2018 - BlackJack Vineyards


Ted Wichmann Grape Grower of the Year Award

For an AVA to be defined as a quality designation, the industry is dependent on quality grapes and wine and we know that it takes time, energy and commitment to grow quality grapes which, in turn, make quality wine.


It is our belief that the grape growers and vineyards are at the heart of this association.  In an effort to reward our member growers for their commitment to promote and maintain the best vineyard practices we have developed criteria for the Ted Wichmann Grape Grower of the Year Award which is awarded annually at our conference.


The goal of this award is to be objective and reward vineyards that are growing quality grapes within the Shawnee Hills American Viticultural Area.



Other AVA Vineyards

Bear Branch Vineyard

Vienna, IL 62995


Gore Canyon Vineyard

Goreville, IL 62939


Harvest Moon Vineyard

Makanda, IL 62958


Hippenhoff Vineyard

Carbondale, IL 62903


Mockingbird Hill Farm

Makanda, IL 62958









MoonDog Vineyard

Creal Springs, IL 92922


Palese Vineyard

Goreville, IL 62939


Pecan Gardens Vineyard

Creal Springs, IL 62922


Shannon Vineyard

Murphysboro, IL 62966


Walker's Water Valley Vines

Cobden, IL 62920








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If you do not see your vineyard listed or if you would like to become a member of the Shawnee Hills Wine-Grape Association, please contact Brandy at: